About August Society

We Want to be Part of Your Best Family Memories

August Society sustainable swimwear with sun protection

August Society makes great looking, comfortable, sustainable swimsuits for the whole family. As a mom, I design our bathing suits with functionality, quality and the environment in mind.

What makes August Society better?

  • Fabric selected are made out of recycled materials, such as PET bottles and recovered ghost fishing nets.
  • My designs are multi-use, reversible and mix and match – you will always be able to buy tops and bottoms separately as I know not every person is the same size all over. Our reversible pieces are designed to be worn for both swimming and exercise so you can get more looks and mileage out of your swimwear.
  • The kids collections use premium fabrics and unisex prints and designs where possible so they’ll still look great when handed down from brother to sister to friend
  • Sun protection is a priority – I’ve designed unique, functional sun protection swimwear for the family offering from UPF 50+ protection. This allows you to use less sunscreen that can be damaging to both your skin and the environment.
  • I’ve selected long-lasting, top-quality fabrics that will last for years – so your swimsuit will stay out of the landfill for longer

Learn more about our sustainability efforts here >>>  

Hi, I’m Toni, and I created August Society


I'm the definition of a third-culture kid: I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada, did my MBA in Europe, and now I have been living in Singapore for 12 years. I'm not a fashion designer by training; I come from the corporate world, having worked in the oil industry in Canada (ironic, I know) and as a management consultant in Southeast Asia.

I wanted to take a more creative path, so I taught myself how to design and launched a swimwear brand in 2015. Since then, August Society has grown to reach families all over the world, including the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Europe via our partners and online store.

Having travelled to over 50 countries, I wanted to make products that can integrate seamlessly into any trip, no matter where you go in the world. As a mother of two, I also wanted to craft a brand that aligned with my values: the desire to keep learning, the impatience to discover new places and the need to be better citizen of the world. I couldn’t ignore any longer the damage done to our societies and ecosystems by fast fashion, and I want to ensure the best future for all of our children.

I create all of my own prints and select every aspect of every design. Step-by-step, I’m consciously embracing ethical and sustainable choices for production and materials. I hope you'll enjoy wearing these pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Why the name “August Society”?

August Society sustainable swimwear Singapore

My hubby is French and spent his childhood summers at his family’s vacation house in Corsica, and the last couple of summers we've been able to bring our kids there too. Many people in Southern Europe - think France, Italy, Spain, etc.- spend August on holiday and workplaces grind to a halt (good luck getting a plumber from end of July to mid-September!) The masses flock to the coast and spend that time bathing in the sun and sea and enjoying long lazy lunches surrounded by friends and family. I wanted to capture that spirit in my brand, that effortless joie de vivre where you get to become your other, holiday, self, where you disconnect from responsibilities and reconnect with your loved ones. This is the August Society, and I hope you’ll want to become a part of it.