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Our Secrets to Making Your Favourite Swimwear Last Longer

Did you know good, quality swimwear can last up to 10 years? Between the chlorine, salt water, sunscreen oils, tanning lotions, and sweat, we know it can be challenging to #SaveTheSuit. Not to mention your suit is being soaked in water and exposed to sunlight more than any other piece of clothing you own. I would like to encourage you to buy fewer swimsuits - that's right, move away from fast fashion, really fall in love with your clothes and keep your swimwear for years. Buy less, experience more!

Our #1 tip for keeping your favourite swimsuit around for ever? Be gentle! Here's how you can get your swimwear to go the distance:

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Wet Before You Wet

This sounds strange, but taking a shower before jumping into the pool is not just good hygiene but helps keep your suit in good shape. By soaking up fresh water first, the fibres in your swimsuit won't have space to absorb damaging chlorinated water or saltwater.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse 

The absolute easiest way to care for your fave bikini is to rinse it as soon as you come home from the beach or pool. Rinsing gets rid of any harsh chemicals, be it chlorine or salt water along with any residual sunscreen, oil or sweat. 

Use Your Hands (Gently!)

Skip the washing machine and wash your bathing suit by hand. Not only does the washing machine cause damage to your precious swimwear but other garments in your laundry load can harm any fine fibres. Pro tip: using baby shampoo is a super gentle way to get your swimwear squeaky clean without using harsh chemicals. 

Skip the Sun

The sun's harsh rays are not just damaging to your skin but also destroy the colour in your swimsuits and cause them to fade quickly. Even I'm guilty of hanging my swimwear out in the sun so it dries quickly - but having some patience and allowing your swimsuits to dry in the shade will save them in the long run.

Sit On a Towel

If you're lounging pool side or hanging out on the wooden parts of a hot tub, make sure to sit on a towel. The rough concrete and wood can pull and damage the fine fabric of your bikini bottoms.

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Do Not Wring

Wringing out your swimwear causes the fabric to stretch and droop over time. Instead of wringing, try rolling it up in a towel and gently squeezing out any excess water. 

Rotate Your Suits

Even if you're not worried about fashion the faux pas of wearing the same suit every day, it's a good idea to switch it up. Buying two swim suits you love and alternating them gives more longevity to the life of each piece. 

Pick a Good Fabric

When shopping for a swimsuit, look for one made of quality fabric containing Xtralife Lycra® fiber, a unique technology that makes fabric tougher so it can fight against fading and hold its shape wear after wear.

We hope these tips help you rock your suit for years to come! We know how challenging finding the right one can be. Now that you’ve learned proper swimwear care, you’re well equipped to maximise the life or your swimsuit. Now for a swim (and don’t forget to rinse that suit).

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