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How to Choose the Right Activewear for Your Sport

This year, I’ve made it a personal goal to work out more. You might be rolling your eyes at this point, because this always seems to be the go-to resolution when the new year rolls around! But I don’t just mean putting more hours into staying in shape; the goal for me is to try out a new selection of sports that I may never have tried before! 

But whether it’s hitting the pool more often, or signing up for a spin class, it’s important to get the right gear for it. With all the choices available, deciding on the right activewear can be daunting. I’ve been there many times too: standing in front of a store shelved with tens of racks, or scrolling through an endless selection of sports apparel, is an experience I’ve become accustomed to at this point! To help you pick the right activewear based on your interests and chosen sport, here are couple of tips to that might be helpful to consider when doing your shopping: 

Consider the type of material 

Wearing apparel that clings to your skin after a hard sweat is never fun, which is why you should be mindful of the type of material and fabric you pick for your activewear. Cotton materials that are blended with polyester or spandex tend to be a good choice, because they are both breathable and light in terms of weight. These fabrics can wick sweat away from your skin and keep you cool more quickly. The last thing you want is to get irritated by clothes that cling to your body when you’re in the middle of an intense cardio session!

If you have sensitive skin, you should also be wary of dark-coloured synthetic fabrics as these often contain dyes that might become irritants. Do also look out for brands that cater specifically to people with skin conditions like eczema – not only are their materials friendlier towards sensitive skin, but some of them also offer workout apparel that is looser fitting and feels more breathable.

Cotton materials


Think about flexibility and range of motion 

I’ve made a vow to commit to swimming more regularly this year, which means getting swimwear that provides a range of motion. Believe it or not, I tend to use my arms quite liberally during my swims, so finding the right swimwear that gives me flexibility in my limbs is really important, especially since some swimwear can be extremely tight-fitting. I personally prefer rash guards that are flexible and light, and have at least some room in the arm area. 

Other land sports like yoga or ballet body also require activewear that is stretchy and flexible, especially in the lower body area. This is when I would recommend going to a store in-person to try their selection or picking an online shop that has a flexible return policy. If you want to ensure that you feel comfortable in your yoga pants, then testing it out with a couple of jumps and stretches before committing the best way to go!

Yoga apparel

Choose a colour that fits your skin tone 

Once I’ve nailed down comfort, I also try to consider the aesthetics of activewear. The colour of my apparel has always been important to me – after all, you want to both feel good and look good! Figuring out what your skin tone and undertone is can help inform your decision on what colour to pick for your activewear. For instance, if you have cool undertones and fair skin, you could go for activewear with deeper jewel tones like magenta or emerald. 

If you’re not sure what your skin tone might be, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Hop over to our page to check out our guide on how to shop swimsuit colours best suited for your skin tone. Swimwear might not be what you’re looking for per se, but it’s still applicable to other forms of apparel!

Colour swimwear

Whatever you end up picking, remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule to activewear. The best rule of thumb is to choose what makes you feel sexy, comfortable and confident. As long as you feel good, everything else (including the hard workouts!) will fall into place.

Keep moving,


Toni Chan
August Society Founder & Creative Director

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