Brazil: A Paradise for Every Kind of Beach Lover

Brazil provides some of the world’s most stunning landscapes along with a broad diversity of cultures and environments. What Brazil is probably best known for though is its absolutely stunning beaches. And with good reason too! The beaches are not only some of the best in South America, but arguably the world. What’s really interesting though is just how distinctive they all are, allowing you to have a totally new experience at each and every one.

If you are looking to experience a little bit of everything, here are our top 5 recommendations for the best beaches in Brazil!


1- Japratinga & Maragogi – The Brazilian Caribbean

Japratinga & Maragogi

In the state of Alagoas, the region south of Recife is home to the beautiful beaches of Japaratinga and Maragogi. These beaches are absolutely pristine with white sand, clear turquoise water, and the best part, pretty much empty of all other tourists! While visiting here you can find a palm tree jungle and some of the most expansive tide pools stretching out past the horizon. Sunsets here are breathtaking as the tide pools provide perfect reflection for a seemingly endless sunset. 


2- Rio de Janeiro – One of the Most Dramatic & Dynamic Cities on Earth


Rio de Janeiro is one of the best-known cities in Brazil because of the stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. It is a unique mix of beaches and bays juxtaposed with enormous mountains and rock formations, all within a tropical jungle climate mind you. This part of the country is teeming with lush plants, incredible views, and impeccable beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana. Rio also houses one of the 7 Wonders of the World: the Christ the Redeemer statue. It stands as a reminder of the rich culture that awaits your visit to Rio. 


3- Boipeba – Brazil’s Best Kept Secret 


If you want to know what Brazil used to be like before all the tourism hit, check out the island of Boipeba off the coast of Salvador, Brazil. It’s a small island with no motorized vehicles and endless spans of untouched pristine beaches. Every day is an adventure exploring new coves with the promise of turquoise blue water. And on this island, all trails lead to the beach! 


4- Florianopolis – Hawaii in Brazil 


If you want to know where the Brazilians go for their holiday, check out the island of Florianopolis in the southern region of Brazil. It’s a local favorite with everything from posh beach clubs on the northern end all the way down to the relaxing remote cabana vibe toward the southern end of the island. And of course the beautiful blue water. It’s reminiscent of Hawaii with rolling mountains and endless little inlets filled with deep blue water. If you enjoy hiking, there is no shortage of hikes on this island, each giving a new and unique view.  


5- Ilha Grande – tropical island hoping

Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is located south of Rio and is surrounded by numerous large and small jungle covered islands. It’s a haven for the adventure enthusiast as each place feels like a new unexplored treasure. Definitely take the time to discover the area via boat as there are great spots for snorkeling and a lot of secret spots are only accessible by water. If yoga is your vibe, there are multiple yoga shalas and retreat centers that can provide the perfect balance of wellness and relaxation for your journey!


The Escape ArtistsDavis & Sydney, aka The Escape Artists, are traveling the world, trying to share its beauty through the lens of their camera and the words they write. Follow their journey on Instagram @the_escape_artists or read more of their travel guides at

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