Five Easy Beaches For Your Next Getaway

Dying for a beach getaway but don’t have the time to spare? Yes we've all gone to Bintan, Phuket and Bali, but once you been there, done that, where else could you go?
Here are five beaches that serve as a testament that don’t have to travel far for your perfect beach getaway.

1. Southern Islands, Singapore
Estimated time of travel: 30 minutes by sea

Image credit: Surbana

Believe it or not – there’s more to Singapore beaches than Sentosa and East Coast Park.

Home to 8 major islands such as St John’s Island, Lazarus Beach, Sisters’ Islands and more; the Southern islands were developed by the Singapore Tourism Board as a to-go attraction for both tourists and locals.

And boy, you’ll be surprised at the range of activities they offer – from island hopping to canoeing, snorkeling to camping; the Southern Islands is perfect for those huge family gatherings. For those who prefer less crowds, private charters to other islands are also available for booking.

Planning an impromptu trip over the weekend? Simply hop onto a ferry to escape the stifling hustle and bustle. No passports required!

For bookings and more details:

2. Tioman Island, Malaysia
Estimated time of travel: ~55 mins by air

With it’s water activities and amazing views, Tioman is basically dreamworld for adult adrenaline junkies.

Dive into clear emerald waters and you’ll find a whole new world brimming with marine life. Swim with the turtles, or go up-close to corals. Just be careful with the jellyfish!

For those who are not so confident with open waters, you can snorkel in designated sites, safe from big waves and hazardous creatures. When it comes to first-hand experiences with nature, everyone gets a shot.

3. Koh Samui, Thailand
Estimated time of travel: ~2 hours by air

The world-renowned beaches in Koh Samui are no big secret – the manicured sands, luxury hotels and robust tourism can speak for itself.

But there is more to Koh Samui than parties and sun-tanning.

Feeling meditative? Take a sojourn to the nearby buddhist temples to seek solace. Want to rejuvenate and recharge? Sign up for Yoga retreats on the beach organised by the locals.

4. Jogjarkata, Indonesia
Estimated time of travel: ~2.5 hours by air

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Forget Bali – Jogjarkata’s beaches are basically on par when it comes to beauty and pristine. The plus point? It wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

With more than 60 beaches in the region, Jogjarkata takes spoilt for choice to a whole new level.

Soak up sea minerals in the lagoon of Wedi Ombo Beach, or go tubing in the caves of Gunung Kidul. Wind down by the waterfalls at Jogan beach or spend the evening strolling on the fine black sand of Parangtritis.

Don’t forget to bring your camera for those Instagram-worthy moments!

5. Ngapali Beach, Myammar
Estimated time of travel: ~4 hours by air

Away from hoards of tourists, Ngapali Beach is a peaceful sanctuary for those who enjoy going off the beaten path.

Pristine and quiet, this beach is truly the untouched gem of the region. It’s fine white sand and clear waters would make you forget how fast time is passing.

For those who want to turn it up a notch: Take a hot air balloon for a breath-taking view of the endless coastline. We promise, it would be rewarding.

End the day by watching the local fishermen catch their bounty by the sunset. And before you know it, a super tasty seafood dinner awaits you.

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