5 must-have cocktails for your beach getaway

Beach Getaway Cocktails

A beach affair is never complete without a cocktail in hand. From a crazy girls night out to a romantic wind-down by the sea, a countdown beach party to a chill-out session by the pool, we assure you – there is, and will be, a cocktail for every occasion.

Order straight from the bar, or better yet, do it yourself! Here are our top five picks.

1. For the late morning chill-out sessions, grab a Mimosa. 

Rise and shine with a mimosa – a combination of pulpy, refreshing orange juice and bubbly champagne. This morning beverage is the perfect companion to your brunch by the poolside.

Mimosas are a breeze to prepare. Simply pour champagne into the glass, and top it out with orange juice. It’s so foolproof you can probably make it in a half-asleep state!

While it’s best to follow a 50/50 ratio of juice to champagne, it’s up to you to vary the proportion. That of course depends on how tipsy you want to by noon. The best part? It makes drinking at 11am actually socially acceptable.

2. For suntans on the beach, go for a Pina Colada. 

With the sand in your toes and sun in the sky, the only thing missing is a cooling tropical drink in hand. When it comes to making a tasty cocktail, you’ll have to trust the Puerto Ricans. 

Originating from the Caribbean, the Piña Colada consists of dark rum, tangy pineapple juice and coconut cream. The secret to a delicious mix? Use fresh pineapples instead of canned pineapples for that extra fresh taste. 

3. For the midday perk-me-up, Mint Mojitos are the way to go. 

Give your senses a refreshing perk-me-up with a midday mint mojito.

The sour lime balances out the potent rum, and the mint leaves will send chills down your throat – in a good way of course!

This is a cocktail for those who enjoy a bright, inspiring kick in the taste buds. After all, the mojito was said to be Ernest Hemingway’s personal favourite during his time in Cuba, Havana.

4. In case of late afternoon melt-downs, save yourself with a Strawberry Daiquiri.

Not a fan of cocktails with strong alcoholic taste? Then a frozen strawberry Daiquiri would be perfect for your sweet tooth.

A concoction of rum, lime, strawberry syrup and ice, this sweet treat is basically a frozen alcoholic slushie. And yes, it will save you from the hot sweltering heat.

Tip from the bar: Use superfine sugar and fresh strawberries instead of syrup for a smoother natural blend. Remember to top it up with lime juice for that extra kick!

5. Winding down by the sea? Red Wine Sangria will be your best match.

Originating from Spain, Sangria is essentially red wine infused with zesty citrus and crispy apple flavors.

The darker notes and deeper flavors make it a perfect drink for that romantic dinner getaway by the beach. Imagine this with the setting evening sun as the backdrop. Sounds perfect already? Planning a dinner party by the pool? This is a sure crowd pleaser as well.

If you want your sangria to be extra delicious and fruity, an insider’s tip is to let the fruits soak overnight in the wine for that well-fused flavor.

Feeling thirsty already? Remember to stay hydrated, have fun, and look super chic! 
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