Heartbreaker Print: From Beach to Brunch

Heartbreaker Print: From Beach To Brunch


Going on a resort holiday or just spending a day at a beach club often means going from poolside to table-side without having a chance to go back to your room to change. You could just throw on your ratty sarong or casual tank and shorts, sure - or you could plan ahead and look great both on the beach and at brunch.

Start with a basic bikini

A classic black and white bikini in an edgy print is eye-catching on the beach and pairs well with anything you want to throw over top. Even if it shows through your dress, it won't clash or distract from what you're wearing.

Add colourful but breathable pieces on top

A bright and colourful kimono, romper, dress or crop top / pants combo looks chic yet casual for a resort brunch. Breathable styles and fabrics will keep you cool and can still cover up what might still be a wet bikini.

Select simple, waterproof accessories

No time to clean up? A turban or headband is great for pulling back your sticky, salty hair. Simple metal jewelry and a colour waterproof watch can be worn into the pool without you having to worry about leaving valuables around, yet still look great when you go out to eat. Faux leather sandals look great anywhere and you don't need to worry about getting them sandy or wet. Basic sunglasses complete the look.

Ditch the handbag for a stylish gym tote

Don't fuss with a handbag and beach bag - use a chic, breathable black gym back that can hold your towel, sunblock and book without looking out of place at a restaurant.


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