Things to Do with the Kids over the School Holidays

Things to Do with the Kids over the School Holidays

When school’s out, my two kiddos are always eager to throw themselves into new activities to fill their vacation. They’re constantly bugging me for new things to do, which means that I need to have several tricks up my sleeve. I’ve always wanted to compile a list with kid-friendly activities that I’ve either tried and loved, or have been yearning to explore for a while now. If you’ve been scouring the internet searching for new ideas to keep your kids entertained over the school holidays, hopefully this list will relieve the burden of your search in the same way that it has for me! 

1. Explore a water theme park

With Singapore’s sweltering heat, enjoying some cool water as it hits your warm skin provides much-needed reprieve. Whether it’s Adventure Cover or Splash @ Kidz Amaze, taking the family out to a water playground is always a fun bonding activity. Not only can you show off your matching family swimsuits, but you can also bond over getting splashed and going down high-speed water slides. If you do end up bringing your kids to a water theme park, make sure to pick out the right swimwear for them before heading out!

Swimsuit for boys
Photo credit: @familystaycaysg

2. Plan a beach day

What better way to get right into the heart of a vacation than through frolicking in the ocean and getting cosy in some sand? Going to the beach might seem like an ordinary option, but there are tons of ways to make it fun for the kiddos! Drum up their excitement by getting them involved in planning their own menu for a picnic on the sand (provided you’re able to accede to their gastronomic demands, of course!), and don’t forget to pack some toys. Frisbees are a sure way to get everyone excited, but snorkels could also be a good option for older kids. You could also take a short boat or ferry ride down to Singapore’s Southern Islands such as St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island or Kusu Island to enjoy the beaches there. 

If you think planning a beach day might be too much of a hassle, check out this post for tips on how I get ready for an outing like this with my kids!

Family matching swimwear

3. Saddle up with a pony ride

Riding with horses isn’t the most common practice in land-scarce Singapore, but that doesn’t mean that options aren’t available! Choose a sunny weekend to saddle your kids up on ponies at Horsecity, Gallop Stable or the National Equestrian Centre where safe and fun riding lessons are offered. Some of these places also offer other facilities and services like yoga and horse gardens, which are always great if you want to take a short break! But remember to pack lots of your own snacks and sunscreen, and Ensure that the kids are dressed in long pants to cushion any slips or falls.

Pony ride for kids

4. Take a bumboat to Pulau Ubin

Who said anything about confining yourself to the main island during the school holidays? Instead of visiting the conventional spots like Sentosa, why not take a bumboat ride out from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin instead? There are a ton of bicycle rental shops on the island if you’re up for a breezy bike ride, and kampung households are usually open to visit if you’re thinking of showing the kids what a traditional slice of life looks like. There’s also an abundance of greenery and wildlife on the island, where you’ll have the chance to bird-watch and spot local fruit trees like rambutans. Adventuring with your kids in the serenity of nature is always a good respite from the humdrum of bustling city life! 

Pulau Ubin

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

5. Reel in some fish 

Take a trip down to a reservoir like Marina Barrage and cast your fishing reel in its waters. This could also be a great way to bond with the kids as you research the types of fish that you catch in the surrounding waters. If you’re looking for a quieter spot, Changi Beach Park is usually a good place to head to. Not only could this activity be therapeutic and calming, but it could also provide a valuable lesson on patience, which isn’t a virtue that my kids are particularly fond of! But who knows — with a little bit of luck, you might surprise yourself and your mini ones with a huge catch! 

For the little ones, a fun activity could be longkang fishing. Take your kids back to the good old days when young ones would search for fish in drains and canals to entertain themselves. Make sure to be prepared though — when we brought the kids for longkang fishing, we had to put them in swimwear because they fell full-body into the water when wading around at times. Consider putting on matching swimsuits to accompany your mini-mes, because who said adults can’t have fun too? 

Fishing with kids

Photo Credit: Alexandr Podvalny via Pexels

If you’re going to be out in the sun for long bouts of time, make sure to apply lots of protective sunscreen and bring a hat for some shade. Ending your day out with the kids by soaking in a nice hot bubble bath, accompanied by our brand new eco- and vegan-friendly soap bars that will wash away your worries, is always a good option. 

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Have a great day out,


Toni Chan
August Society Founder & Creative Director

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