Ways to Refresh for the Chinese New Year

Ways to Refresh for the Chinese New Year

Haven’t had your fix of New Year’s resolutions yet? Neither have we!

Lucky for us, we’ve got a second New Year to celebrate: the Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar, and because the lunar calendar varies from year to year, the New Year falls on a different day every year.

This year, the Chinese New Year falls on January 28th, so you’ve got time to prep and get ready for a relaxing celebration.

Ready to refresh again? Buckle up! Here are the best ways to refresh for the Chinese New Year!

Skin Care

There’s nothing like ringing in a new year with clean skin. Asian skincare as a whole is notoriously elaborate, with many Chinese, Japanese, and Korean women using a skincare routine with as many as five or six steps.

Take a page out of their books with some amazing skincare from some Asian beauty brands.

A hydrating mask is a wonderful way to treat yourself. Using sheet masks is an Asian skincare staple, so we suggest using a TONY MOLY I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet. The hydration will perk up your dry or tired skin. This one is great if your skin is chapped or dry from the January weather.  

A pricier option is the Ling New York Vitamin K Anti-Redness Calming Solution. This Chinese product reduces the appearance of broken capillaries and redness, and the herbs inside it are soothing and smell wonderful.

Rest and relaxation

January can be a busy month. Getting back to work after the December holidays, rebuilding our lives after vacations and family visits, and getting around to our resolutions can take a toll on your stamina and health.

Begin the Chinese New Year with peace and serenity by treating yourself to a good night’s sleep. Sleeping a solid eight hours, sneaking in the occasional nap, and investing in a nice eye mask is a great way to tell the new year, “Hey, I’m taking care of myself and my body this year!”

It’s probably the cheapest spa treatment in the world.

Try Tea!

If you want to refresh, a Chinese staple is a cup of tea. Much has been said about the benefits of green tea, and we have a hunch that the reason Chinese women age so beautifully is all the antioxidants they drink in their daily cup.

Green tea, aside from its very high antioxidant levels, has been shown to lower cholesterol and improve blood flow around your body.  

For the New Year, buy yourself some green tea or matcha and brew a cup! Take some time to sit down, center yourself, and refresh.

If you don’t like the taste of green tea, try it with honey or lemon. If that doesn’t work, you could try a green tea face mask!

How will you ring in the New Year? We recommend finding a local Chinese New Year parade to see the amazing dragons and animals made of paper. The fireworks are gorgeous! Happy New Year!

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