The Importance of Sustainable Swimwear

The rise of environmentalism is a trend that has many people reducing their harmful impact on the environment. We try and recycle, shorten our showers, walk places instead of driving there. But have you considered the impact of your fashion choices on the environment?

The fashion industry is the second worst polluting industry in the world, second only to the oil industry.

If that gives you a bad feeling in your stomach (and we think it should!), then you’ll understand why making ethical choices when it comes to your clothes is so important. Our firm belief is that swim wear is no exception.

There are many issues we feel the fashion industry must address. Overfarming for the production of cheap textiles results in the exploitation of vulnerable workers who are paid as little as $2 per day. Pollutants end up in the water. Plastic material ends up in the ocean. All this happens in pursuit of cheap clothes that end up falling apart after a few wears, ending up in dumpsters.

We believe everyone has a choice to put their dollar where their morals are, so August Society uses sustainably sourced fabrics made from recycled waste plastic. These fabrics are also high quality, retaining their shape and color use after use. 

By setting our focus on quality rather than quantity, we hope you’ll appreciate our commitment to the future of fashion and the planet. Our swimwear not only looks better, but you can feel better about it knowing we take the planet into consideration!

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