How to Wear a One Piece Suit

How to Wear a One Piece Suit

Ah, the one piece swimsuit. Once the swimwear exclusively of the conservative and shy, the ones piece has enjoyed a renaissance in the past decade.

The dawn of the monokini and the rebirth of retro-inspired styles have turned the one piece back into a fashion necessity for the well dressed beach bunny- and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Whether you’re dipping your toes into the one-piece waters or whether you’re a seasoned pro, finding the right one piece can be a challenge if you’re not sure how to wear it. This blog will give you all the guidance you need to choose and rock your suit.   

Know your body

Start with identifying your own shape. Hourglass? Pear? Apple? Whatever your figure, there’s a one piece that will look awesome on you.

If you’re starting your journey knowing you want to conceal a tummy, you may want a suit with some ruching at the center.

If you want to show your stomach off, a more daring monokini will let your rock what you’ve got.

Before you shop, take a minute to identify your goals and needs from you suit. This will prevent you from impulse buying the wrong piece.

Go athletic

If you’re nervous about swim suit shopping, you can’t go wrong with keeping it simple: a one piece with sleek lines and an athletic shape flatters everyone. You can keep it ultra minimalist with a solid color, or go for a pattern to add some extra zazz.

This shape looks good on everyone.

Go old Hollywood

Another way to play your gorgeous body up is to wear a look that embraces a vintage vibe.

Our Maldives one piece uses a totally retro halter top, smooth lines, and a flattering shape that draws attention to the narrowest part of your body. Very Marilyn Monroe.

A simple shape in a classic style will serve you well for a long time.

Embrace fun styles 

If you’ve seen the monokini trend around and want to give it a shot, we say: go big!

Our Santorini Monokini embraces the fun shape of the monokini without going to swimsuit extremes. Read: the suit isn’t going to look outdated in a year. We love the fun patterns on this piece, as well as the details that give it an extra kick.


When in doubt: accessorize! One pieces can be a statement on their own, or you can dress them up with accessories and other beachwear. A cute pair of beach pants like our Riviera Beach Pant can turn a one piece into an entire outfit. And if you’re in a beach town, you can often wear that combination into restaurants and stores.

May we also suggest a gorgeous, handmade floppy hat and some big sunglasses to complete the look?

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