8 ways to use a Sarong during your travels

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of fashion’s biggest multi-tasker: the sarong! There are about a hundred ways to wear one, but if you’re taking yours on the go, why not put it to work?

We use our Papeete sarong lots of ways while traveling, so here are a handful of the best ways to use yours on your vacation.

Use your sarong as:

  1. A cute shawl. Sarongs look great wrapped around your upper body, shawl-style, and they’ll keep you warm without overheating you.
  2. Airplane pillow/blanket: it’s no secret that airplanes get cold. Use your sarong as neck support or to keep yourself warm!
  3. Lumbar support. On the subject of airplanes, use your sarong as a lower back support on the flight. When you get to your destination, you’ll feel fresh as a daisy!
  4. A reusable bag. In a pinch, you can easily fashion the bag into a carry-all! Do it yourself picnic basket, anyone?
  5. Speaking of picnics, sarongs make beautiful tablecloths to elevate any dining experience. 
  6. Skirts and dresses. Need a quick outfit change? Wrap the sarong into a DIY skirt or dress!
  7. A beach towel. Lay your sarong out on the sand and it does just as well as a towel, and you can even dry yourself off with it.
  8. Backup curtains. Hotel room too bright? Drape your sarong over the window sash for some cute and easy curtains.

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