5 Workouts to Get Fit for Summer

Looking for some easy workout moves to get you toned and prepped for the summer months? Today we’re talking about some of our favorite moves to whip ourselves into shape for the warmer weather that we’ve all been craving.

So sit back, grab some green tea, and get ready to learn the best moves to get fit fast!


Okay, we know this one is a staple, but it’s a classic for a reason! Pushups are the ultimate multitasker when it comes to exercise. In one move, you hit six major muscles at once: biceps, deltoids, triceps, pecs, abs, and glutes.


Another classic: squats are great for targeting your lower body. Form is really important with squats, so be mindful of your positioning. Keep your feet hip-width apart, make sure your knees are above your ankles, and hold tension in your core to stop arching your back.


The counterpart to the squat, the lunge engages your thighs and glutes. Step forward and step backward one leg at a time, keeping your knees always parallel to your ankles and your core active.


The plank is an awesome workout because of its simplicity. With your arms locked and your knees shoulder length apart, this move works out your core. Hold for intervals that are comfortable to you and repeat, but don’t lift your head or let your butt sag! Also, remember to breathe.


If you’ve burned through the body weight exercises, grab some dumbbells or barbells and try some deadlifts. Bending over, pick up the weights from the floor, keeping them close to your body as you lift them. Be sure your shoulders and hips are moving in tandem to prevent injury.

And there you have it! Some simple workouts that will carry you into the warmer months. Remember to always listen to your doctor, consult a physician if you sustain an injury, and stop doing any moves that result in acute pain. Get going and rock your bod!


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